Healthy air at home in the bedroom, living room and study

  • Effective filter levels for clean air in small and medium-sized rooms
  • Effective and quiet
  • Sensor for air monitoring and automatic control
  • 360° full-circle air outlet

Air purifier BE AIR4 Leisemeister
Clean air for living rooms, bedrooms, work rooms, offices

Effective air filters have several filter stages that remove pollutants from the air. For a healthy and pleasant feel-good climate in living, sleeping and working rooms.

  • Including UV filter stage against viruses, bacteria, aerosols, germs, formaldehyde, pollen, allergens and much more.

  • Whisper-quiet thanks to sleep mode

  • 360° fresh air: full-circle air outlet

  • Color indicators

  • Decrease in droplet infection

  • Help with air pollution

  • Supportive in case of respiratory diseases

  • Compact size

Fine dust PM 2.5, house dust, pollen, pollen, smoke and cigarette smoke, odors, germs and pathogens, microorganisms, bacteria and viruses, mold spores, animal hair and mites, heavy metals, asbestos, toxic dust, TVOC, formaldehyde, organic compounds, aerosols are removed and much more.


BE AIR4 Five effective filter levels

Individual filter stages can be switched on / off as required

Front filter

  • Removes larger particles, hair, dandruff (washable: reduces replacement filter costs)


  • Filters ultra-fine micron particles, bacteria and viruses, aerosols

Aktive carbon filter

  • High molecular sieve with immense surface area absorbs harmful substances, removes odors and molecular particles such as ammonia, absorbs and decomposes formaldehyde, removes organic components and aerosols


  • Also known as “vitamins of the air” quickly absorb harmful substances and bind various pollutants such as dust, odors, bacteria, viruses


  • Eliminates mold spores, germs, bacteria and viruses

Removal of germs, viruses and contaminants from the air

The individual filter levels combined in the device and the effective interaction are decisive for the correct air filter. Criteria are the amount of air in the room, which should be removed from impurities as quickly as possible (high CADR number), with great thoroughness and reliability (number of filter stages), as quietly as possible (low dB number). There are different filter stages (different filter media) for removing the different loads and soiling.

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